Ingrown Hair On Vagina

How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair On Vagina?

It might be a great hassle to remove the Ingrown Hair On Vagina if you chose to do so (literally). Ingrown hairs are a typical side effect of hair removal, and because pubic hair is thicker and curlier than hair elsewhere on the body, it tends to grow back into the skin when it grows.

“An ingrown hair is a hair that grows into the skin rather than out,” explains Anna Karp, DO, “and is especially common in the bikini area where the hair is coarser.” “This can be caused by a hair curling back in and re-entering the skin, or by a hair becoming caught on its way out. As a result, your body produces a red, uncomfortable bump that appears like a pimple.”

“Ingrown Hair On Vagina is more common in those with thick hair, but anyone can acquire these unpleasant, uncomfortable bumps,” says Purvisha Patel, MD. “When there are micro-infections of the follicle, they become unpleasant and irritated, which can lead to pimples/acne in the area.” She goes on to say that ingrown hairs can be caused by chafing from undergarments, in addition to hair removal treatments like shaving and waxing.

Learn how to avoid and cure this unwelcome but all-too-common side effect of hair removal treatments for Ingrown Hair In the Vagina.

8 Best Tips To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair On Vagina

Use a New Razor

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Because it’s quick and easy, shaving is one of the most popular procedures for this zone. Hair has a tapered edge, which means that the thickness of the hair progressively reduces toward the end, similar to the shape of a blade of grass or a sword.

Hair is clipped with sharp edges when it is shaved. The hair can easily pierce the skin and grow back into it because of the sharp edge. “It’s crucial to use a sharp blade and shaving cream when shaving to avoid Ingrown Hair On Vagina because you’ll cause the least amount of skin irritation this way,” Karp adds.

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Before and after shaving, exfoliate your skin

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Exfoliating the area before and after shaving is another way to prevent Ingrown Hair On Vagina. To prepare for grooming, Patel recommends cleaning the region with an exfoliating body wash like Visha Skincare Top2Toe Body Wash ($25), which contains salicylic acid and bakuchiol.

Exfoliating can help with ingrown around the bikini line that has already appeared. To remove the buildup of oils and dead skin cells, Patel recommends “gently scrubbing the region twice a day with an exfoliating glove or a washcloth with an exfoliating wash.”

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Shave in the Right Direction

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Despite what you may have been told, Karp and Patel agree that shaving in the direction of hair growth is one of the most critical things you can do to avoid Ingrown Hair On the Vagina. When working against the grain of hair growth, there’s a higher likelihood of it breaking and Ingrown Hair In the Vagina.

Also, pay attention to the ingredients in your shaving creams and gels: “Shave gels and products containing edible oils can actually clog pores and exacerbate ingrown hairs,” Patel warns.

Instead of waxing, use sugaring

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Waxing and sugaring remove hair from the follicle, which is why the effects are so much longer-lasting than shaving. However, as the hair is uprooted, it can break above or below the skin’s surface. These sharp, broken ends, similar to shaving, serve as a breeding place for hair to grow back into the skin.

“For preventing Ingrown Hair On Vagina, sugaring is better than waxing,” Karp explains. If you’re prone to those irritable red pimples, keep that in mind. You’ll have the best chance of preventing hair from growing back into the skin if you go to a professional who uses sugaring paste. Unlike waxing and sugaring gel, which remove hair in the opposite direction, the paste removes hair in the direction of its growth.

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After exfoliating, epilate

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Epilators uplift each hair from its follicle with tiny tweezers or coils. Because hair isn’t always pulled out at the proper angle with epilators, there’s a higher risk of breakage than with waxing or sugaring. There are many different brands and models, and the one you choose has an impact on how much breakage you have. If you have a tendency for Ingrown Hair In the Vagina, you should avoid this form of hair removal.

Existing ingrown hairs should be treated

Ingrown hairs usually go away on their own. Hot compresses on the area, as well as sitting in warm baths every day or more than once a day, can aid. “A warm compress can soften the hair and bring it closer to the surface of the hair is visible. If you can’t see your hair, keep the compress on until you can see it “Patel explains.

If an ingrown hair is irritating you, use a steroid cream to relieve inflammation and itching, or a topical antibiotic cream if the Ingrown Hair On Vagina is uncomfortable and infected. If it doesn’t go away after a few days or worsens, see your doctor, who may prescribe stronger creams, an oral antibiotic, or both.

If you need aid right away, seek an ingrown hair remover, but only use it on the exterior of your body. You may possibly have some substances on hand that can be used as home treatments.

There are also some basic things you can do to prevent the bumps from forming in the first place, such as exfoliating regularly and using a moisturizer. “Exfoliating with a glycolic or salicylic acid solution or pads after waxing/sugaring will help prevent ingrown hairs by eliminating dead skin cells that are inhibiting the hair from coming out,” Karp says.

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Consider laser hair removal

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If you’re tired of having sore skin from waxing or shaving, there’s always a more permanent solution. “If you don’t want to struggle with Ingrown Hair On Vagina, laser hair removal is the best solution,” Karp explains. This method destroys the hair follicle, making it impossible for the hair to regrow. You won’t have to worry about hair growing in the incorrect way if you don’t have any near your bikini line.

Swipe On Deodorant

Yes, it’s true. According to Karp, your antiperspirant could assist maintain your bikini area free of irritations and ingrown hairs. “After shaving, swab the freshly shaved area with your stick or soft deodorant. Aluminum products are astringent, antimicrobial, and anti-sweat, therefore they can also aid.”

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