How To Make Heels Quieter

How To Make Heels Quieter? The Ultimate Guide For You (2024)

Imagine you being embarrassed every time by the heels clicking on the floor. How to make heels quiet? You need an ultimate solution.

Walking with noisy heels makes you noticeable and uncomfortable. How to stop shoes from making noise when you walk?

Let us explore hacks for noisy heels. Go for a shoe silencer!

Heels Clicking On The Floor: Why?

How To Make Heels Quieter 1
How To Make Heels Quieter?

Your Heel Sole

You might have heel soles that produce more noise than others. Select the heels with the less noisy soles and you are done! This is how to make boot heels quieter.

Your Walking Style

Every time you walk with heavy steps and are still concerned about how to stop shoes from making noise when you walk. Simply, stop exerting more pressure on the floor.

Make sure to lower your steps to reduce the pressure on the floor. Have a check on your posture whether it is erect.

Your worn-out heels

Your heels might have come to the end of their life! The metallic strip gets exposed producing friction with the surface and leaving you with the noisy heels clicking on the floor.

Your Capacious Heels

If you wear heels more than your size, stop doing that. That’s the bone of contention of your noisy disturbing heels.

You may get stuck walking with such oversized shoes! It is more of a stamping rather than walking.

Ensure your heels fit you well, neither too loose nor too tight for your feet.

How To Make Heels Quiet? The Ultimate Guide For You

How To Make Heels Quiet
How To Make Heels Quiet

1. Use High Heel Caps 

Some heels are more pointed than others creating noise.

You need not be concerned anymore- we are right here with the solution. 

Wear your high heels with confidence. Just put on high heel caps and you are secured!

They will lower the high heel’s loudness by more than 80%. After you’ve fixed the cap, the noise level will be undetectable. Or, to put it another way, no one will be upset by it.

Isn’t it one of the easy hacks for noisy heels?

Why Heel Caps?

  • Putting them on the metal tip of the shoes ensures less noise. 
  • The heel cap will lessen the likelihood of slipping with the worn-out metal tips when walking.
  • You will have walking stability. No slippage or walking issues.
  • The shelf life of the tip of the heels is increased ultimately increasing shoe durability. The cap, not the top of your shoe, will wear out. 
  • Heel caps will make you more balanced and release you from posture problems generated by destroyed heels.
  • Keeping in view your esthetic sense, we have different colored rubber heel caps for you that suit well with your heels.

2. Wear Foot Foam

When walking, foot foams serve to reduce the impact of the noise made by heeling. This is how to make heels quiet. It functions similarly to a gel cushion, however, the foam is more convenient to install than cushions.

All you have to do now is peel off the adhesive and stick the foam to the shoe to complete the installation.

The foam is comprised of rubber, which absorbs impact and helps to eliminate heel noise.

To avoid slipping, make sure you’re not walking on a wet or slippery floor, as the foot foam can be slippery.

Foot foam is available in two forms: pre-cut or entire. If you purchase the foam in its whole, you will need to cut it to the appropriate size for your heel before inserting it into the shoe.

Hush Heels, which are pre-cut and simple to install, are available for purchase. Simply peel and stick the glue to the shoe.

3. Use  Duct Tape

Here is another shoe silencer for you-a duct tape. Your heels can be effectively secured from noise giving you another way to make heels quiet.

This Is How You Can Use It:

  • Remove any dirt by washing the heel to make the most of the efficiency of the tape 
  • Wash and dry the heel. Because the tape works best on a dry surface, do not apply it to a wet shoe.
  • Stick the duct tape in place. For optimum results, use multiple layers. The thicker the material, the better.

Remember to just use tape that suits your shoe because too much can make the shoe look unattractive.

However, because the tape is smooth, exercise caution when walking on slick surfaces.

Remember to use gaffer tape, which is highly effective due to its fabric composition and anti-reflective properties.

Use numerous layers of tape to achieve extra thickness while applying the tape. To avoid ruining the aesthetic of the shoe, make sure the thickness is not excessive.

4. Use Gel Cushions

In your quest for how to make heels quiet, we present another shoe silencer to you-gel cushions.  When walking on a hard surface, gel cushions absorb all of the vibrations created by the heels. 

Why Gel Cushions?

  • They are easy to use but hard to resist! Use the cushions in your shoes to maintain appropriate body posture resulting in walking stability.
  • On soft surfaces, it reduces the likelihood of sliding forward.
  • You may install them with confidence as they are not visible. They can be utilized in several shoes.
  • Heels clicking on the floor are no longer your point of concern.

This Is How You Can Use Them:

Simply peel them off and carefully place them into the shoe. We want you to save your money so no glue is needed. They have already added on adhesive pads and here you go! 

Gel cushions provide you with the grip you need, especially if you’re wearing a slightly larger shoe. The gel is placed on the inside of the shoe, unlike heel caps, which are placed on the tips.

However, you should replace the cushions after a while because they become ineffective after a while. The frequency with which you wear the heels will determine when they need to be replaced.

How To Make Heels Quieter.
How To Make Heels Quieter?

5. Use Rubber Soles

How to make boot heels quieter is no longer your dream. We are materializing it by presenting you with rubber soles that lessen the noise made by heels. The soles are also safer, as they lessen the risk of slipping on a wet floor.

See a cobbler to get your heels properly fitted with rubber soles as they demand expertise.

Let’s Get To Know Their Features:

  • Noise abatement
  • Shoe grips with anti-slip properties
  • 5 Different Pairs Rubber Self-adhesive Shoe Grips

6. Stick Felt Fabric

Purchase a strong and durable felt, cut it with scissors, then superglue it to your heel. Make sure the felt is cut to fit the shoe size.

When the felt wears off, replace it with a new one by following the same steps. When you walk, the felt fabric muffles any sound created by your heel.

7. Rub Sandpaper On Your Shoes

You may think about using rubbing sandpaper to make your heels quiet.

If you don’t already have sandpaper, get some. You can purchase them in bulk and store them for later use.

Before you start rubbing the bottom of your shoe, clean it and make sure it’s dry.

The texture of the shoe will be changed using sandpaper, making it less noisy. To get the best outcomes, make the soles softer.

8. Use Quiet Heels

If all else fails, consider investing in a pair of silent heels. Manufacturers have seen women’s predicament and have opted to create quiet heels.

You won’t waste money trying to fix a noisy shoe if you buy these sneakers.

The heels have a rubber sole, but it’s not your typical rubber. The heels are made to absorb noise from the impact of the floor and the shoe on each other.

When buying, there are several factors to consider, including your budget, the sole, the design, and the size.

Choose a well-fitted shoe. Because even if a shoe is silent, if it doesn’t fit properly, you’ll drag it, which is noisy.

9. Walk With Confidence

Remember that nothing can ruin the appearance of a heel or cause a shoe to make a noise like tense walking. Be self-assured since your heel is reliant on you.

If you’re not used to walking in heels, practice or watch a YouTube instructional to improve your technique.

Final Thought – How To Make Heels Quieter

You no longer need to worry about how to make heels quieter. Make your shoe noise-proof and here you are with a confident walk. 

All the above-mentioned shoe silencer techniques are user-friendly and reasonable. They are easily available on Amazon. Pick one of them and have a sigh of relief!

Go and grab quiet heels if you want a permanent solution. Don’t forget to walk with confidence as it matters the most and you are worth it.

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