Top 10 Best Warm Tights For Women To Wear All Winter Reviews

Top 10 Best Warm Tights for Women to Wear All Winter of 2024

How to choose the best Warm Tights for women to Wear All Winter? When it’s cold outside, warm tights are a wardrobe essential. “Tights are a great way to add extra warmth to an outfit without adding a ton of bulk or fabric,” says fashion stylist Audree López. “Tights can easily layer underneath your clothing and help your pieces transition from one season to another.” That means you can wear them under skirts and dresses to make your summer outfits more winter-friendly, and you might actually slide them under jeans and pants on super chilly days.

To find the best warm tights, we spent hours researching the options on the market, assessing them for material, thickness, and style. We also took factors such as size range and color options into account. For expert advice, we received tips from López on the most proficient method to shop for, style, and properly care for tights.

Our best overall pick is Commando’s Eclipse Opaque Matte Tights. They’re thick, stretchy, and cozy — and since they’re unlined, they’re easy to layer under all kinds of different clothing.

Here are the best warm tights for staying cozy in cold climates.

Top 10 Best Warm Tights For Women To Wear All Winter Reviews,
Best Warm Tights For Women To Wear All Winter

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Top 10 Best Warm Tights for Women of January 2024 USA Updated Reviews

1. Best Overall Warm Tights: Commando Eclipse Opaque Matte Tights

81X430TospL. AC UL1500 min 1

Material: 95 percent nylon, 5 percent elastane | Denier: 110 | Size Range: S–XL

  • Who it’s for: People looking for warm, cozy tights that are easy to layer under other clothing.
  • Who it isn’t for: People who want to stock up on tights in different colors or prints.

Commando’s Eclipse Opaque Matte Tights are everything a great pair of warm tights should be. Since they’re made of microfiber (with a nylon and elastane blend), these tights are incredibly warm and cozy. Furthermore, with a 110 denier, these tights are some of the thickest and most opaque on our list.

But what we love most about these tights is that they’re unlined. Their warmth comes from the thick microfiber they’re made of, rather than a plush lining. This makes the tights sleeker than some of our other favorites, so they’re particularly easy to layer under other clothing.

These opaque tights are designed with an extra-long waistband, which lays flat over your stomach instead of digging in (it’s raw-cut for added comfort). One downside of these tights? They’re available in just one color — black. So while they’re a great basic to have in your wardrobe, they might not have the option to replace all the other tights in your collection.

2. Best Budget Warm Tights: G&Y Fleece-Lined Tights

61vs2oE7LPL. AC UL1500 min 1

Material: 87 percent polyester, 13 percent spandex | Denier: 100 | Size Range: S–XL

  • Who it’s for: People who want to stock up on affordable tights for the winter.
  • Who it isn’t for: People who’d rather invest in tights made with top-quality fabrics.

In the event that you’re looking for a pair (or two) of budget-friendly tights, we recommend G&Y’s Fleece-Lined Tights for a few reasons. For starters, the tights are made of plush microfiber and lined with polyester fleece, so they offer twice as much warmth as some of the other pairs on our list.

We also love that these tights come in footed and footless varieties, so you can choose the version that works best for your wardrobe. Because while traditional footed tights are great, some people (like the individuals who are mainly looking for a warm layer to wear underneath pants) would rather wear tights with their go-to socks.

By far the biggest selling point of these tights, though, is the way budget-friendly they are. They come in sets of two, so you can get two pairs of warm tights for less than the price of a single pair of other options.

3. Best Splurge Warm Tights: Wolford Merino Tights

61M78qyXY4L. AC UL1500 min 1

Material: 49 percent virgin merino wool, 49 percent nylon, and 2 percent elastane | Denier: 200 | Size Range: XS-XL

  • Who it’s for: People who are willing to spend something else for quality tights that are extra warm and cozy.
  • Who it isn’t for: People who would rather avoid wool tights.

On the off chance that you’re in a position where you can splurge on high-quality materials, Wolford’s Merino Tights are some of the warmest tights money can buy. Many other warm tights are made of a nylon-elastane blend and occasionally lined with fleece for added warmth — but these are made of equal parts merino wool and nylon, with a little elastane thrown in. This hard-to-find material blend makes the tights extra warm and cozy, though they’re still sturdy and stretchy enough to wear every day.

What’s more, assuming that you’re worried about wool tights feeling itchy, put your fears to rest. Merino wool is one of the finest and softest wools around, so you can expect these tights to feel comfortable rather than scratchy. What’s more, even though they’re the most expensive pair of tights on our list, we think their soft-to-the-touch feel makes them worth the investment.

4. Best Sheer Warm Tights: Aobiono Sheer Fleece Winter Tights

61MZtG2AJiL. AC UL1500 min 1

Material: Polyester fleece | Denier: Not listed | Size Range: One size

  • Who it’s for: People who want tights that look sheer but feel warm.
  • Who it isn’t for: People who want a fleece lining that isn’t beige or a size-inclusive option.

Sheer tights are rarely all around as warm as opaque tights. But in the event that you love the look of sheers a lot to ditch them when it’s cold, López has a clever stunt. “Look for [specialty] fleece-lined tights,” she says. “They appear to look sheer, but are lined with skin-toned fleece to keep you warm.”

Aobioni’s Sheer Fleece Winter Tights fit the bill. At first glance, these tights appear sheer — but they’re actually lined with a layer of beige fleece to keep you warm when the temperatures decrease. You could choose whether you want 220 or 300 grams of fleece lining, with the latter being the warmest and heaviest option. Also, observe that the 85-gram version isn’t lined with fleece.

Though these tights might be a game-changer for many people, they come without any downsides. They come in just one size, which the brand says is “one size fits most,” making them the least size-inclusive option on our list. Keeping in mind that these tights come in three different colors (black, brown, and gray), the fleece lining is only available in beige.

Unfortunately, the other faux sheer tights on the market share this issue. But that doesn’t mean you’re totally out of luck: “You can also layer skin-toned fleece leggings under sheer nylon tights for a similar look,” López says.

5. Best Cable Knit Warm Tights: A New Day Cable Fleece-Lined Tights

ANewDayCableFleece LinedTight 1

Material: 92 percent polyester, 8 percent spandex | Denier: Not listed | Size Range: S/M–L/XL

  • Who it’s for: People who want a pair of extra-warm cable knit tights.
  • Who it isn’t for: People who prefer unlined tights.

Over the years, people have fallen in love with Target’s A New Day Cable Sweater Tights — a cozy pair of tights designed to feel like your favorite sweater. But with regards to warmth, we prefer Target’s A New Day Cable Fleece-Lined Tights. The sweater tights look and feel just like the other fan-favorite, but they’re lined with plush fleece for added warmth. This detail makes these tights a must on cold winter days.

Woven from a blend of polyester and spandex, the tights feel like a stretchy sweater for your legs. We also like that they’re designed with a tagless waistband to cut down on itch and disturbance. Since the tights come in three versatile colors, they’re super easy to pair with your favorite winter outfits. Furthermore, to top things off, they’re remarkably budget-friendly, as well.

6. Best Cashmere Warm Tights: Natori Cashmere Sweater Tights

51g2M6rRMDL. AC UL1200 min 1

Material: 33 percent nylon, 27 percent viscose, 20 percent cashmere, 18 percent polyester, and 2 percent spandex | Denier: Not listed | Size Range: S/M–L/XL

  • Who it’s for: People who want warm tights that contain plenty of cashmere but don’t cost a ton.
  • Who it isn’t for: People who’d rather spend more to get more cashmere, or who’d rather save money on a lower-cashmere blend.

While shopping for cashmere tights, you’ll discover a couple of things. First, finding a pair of 100-percent cashmere tights is nearly impossible. Second, cashmere tights can get really expensive. But we love Natori’s Cashmere Sweater Tights for a simple reason: They offer a hearty amount of cashmere at a reasonable price. Sure, you can find more affordable tights that contain half as much cashmere, or cashmere-heavy tights that cost three times the price. But we felt these tights hit the sweet spot, giving you the cozy feel of cashmere without costing you a small fortune.

Of course, there’s something else to love about these cashmere tights besides their materials. They’re also thick, warm, and durable. Also, since they’re unlined, they’re easy to slip underneath tight-fitting clothing. This makes them a great layering essential to have on hand in the winter.

7. Best Colorful Warm Tights: Calzedonia Thermal Super Opaque Tights

51iuGfIyT9L. AC UL1312 min 1

Material: 92 percent polyester, 8 percent elastane | Denier: Not listed | Size Range: S–XL

  • Who it’s for: People who want a pair of warm tights that arrive in a range of colors.
  • Who it isn’t for: People who are specifically looking for brightly colored tights.

Assuming you’re looking for a pair of colorful tights that can keep you warm, Calzedonia is the place to turn. The brand’s Thermal Super Opaque Tights are available in six striking colors, including classics like black, brown, and gray, and bolder hues like burgundy, teal, and navy.

One thing to note: All of these colors are pretty dark, which might be a bummer on the off chance that you’re craving something lively. But on the off chance that all you want is a pop of color that will make a statement and keep you warm, these tights are tough to top. Made of polyester and elastane, these warm tights feel thick and durable. They’re also lined with a brushed material that makes them feel extra cozy.

8. Best Patterned Warm Tights: MeMoi Juneau Diamonds Cotton-Blend Sweater Tights

61ZahhiEhbL. AC UL1500 min 1

Material: 56 percent polyester, 40 percent cotton, 4 percent spandex | Denier: Not listed | Size Range: S/M–L/XL

  • Who it’s for: People who want patterned tights that will actually keep them warm.
  • Who it isn’t for: People who want lots of prints and designs to choose from.

Finding a pair of warm patterned tights is hard. The warmest options tend to be opaque, and opacity makes patterns hard to see. But MeMoi’s Juneau Diamonds Cotton-Blend Sweater Tights get around this common problem in a clever way. The knit tights have been woven into an argyle-like pattern that doesn’t sacrifice warmth.

Woven from polyester, cotton, and spandex, the tights feel incredibly soft and cozy. What’s more, they’re stretchy enough for everyday wear. Since the tights are unlined, they’re relatively sleek. This also makes them an ideal candidate for layering over another pair of tights — ideally a pair in a contrasting color to best bring out the pattern.

One of our favorite things about these tights? They come in nine different colors, so you don’t need to stay with classic black. Instead, you can score the tights in various tomfoolery colors, including soft neutrals like taupe and gray and energetic shades like red and purple.

9. Best Plus-Size Warm Tights: Berkshire The Easy On! Plus Thermal Plush Lined Tights

412ECVYWk3L. AC UL1001 min 1

Material: 95 percent polyester, 5 percent spandex | Denier: 200 | Size Range: Queen petite, 1X/2X–5X/6X

  • Who it’s for: People looking for thick, warm tights that arrive in a range of plus sizes — including a plus-size unimposing style.
  • Who it isn’t for: People who want plus-size warm tights that are colorful or patterned.

Berkshire’s The Easy On! Plus Thermal Plush Lined Tights are among the thickest on our list. Designed with a plush inward lining, these 200-denier tights feel velvety soft all around. They’re comfortably stretchy and durable enough to endure regular wear. But most importantly, they’re available in a range of plus sizes.

While shopping for warm tights for the winter, you’ll typically see a lot of size ranges that begin at XS and stop at XL — and some are even more limited than that. But these tights start at 1X/2X and end at 5X/6X. What’s more, we especially love that they arrive in a plus-size modest style, as well. All things considered, tights are sized by length, as well — and nobody wants to deal with fabric bunching around their feet because of too-long tights.

10. Best Shapewear Warm Tights: Hue Super Opaque Tights With Control Top

61fHqYeKVoS. AC UL1500 min 1

Material: 90 percent nylon, 10 percent spandex | Denier: 90 | Size Range: 1–5 (XS/S–XL/XXL)

  • Who it’s for: People who want extra-warm shapewear tights that arrive in a range of sizes and colors.
  • Who it isn’t for: People who’d prefer shapewear that is seriously sculpting, even assuming it means sacrificing warmth.

In the event that you want a pair of shapewear tights that will also keep you warm, look no further than Hue’s Super Opaque Tights With Control Top. These ultra-cozy tights are made of a blend of nylon and spandex, and they’re designed with a “control top,” which makes the top of the tights feel snug and slimming — but not uncomfortably tight.

At 90 denier, these tights aren’t the most opaque on our list. But because of their nylon-heavy blend, the warm tights feel thick and sturdy while maintaining enough stretch for everyday wear. They’re also unlined, which is a must for any sort of shapewear tights.

Unlike the other tights on our list, these come in sizes 1-5 instead of letter sizes. These sizes in exactly the sizes you’re likely familiar with — 1 means XS/S, while 5 means XL/XXL. But you can also check the brand’s size graph to find the right size in view of your height and weight.

Buying Guide for the Best Warm Tights for Women

Top 10 Best Warm Tights For Women To Wear All Winter Reviews.
Best Warm Tights For Women To Wear All Winter


Tights are rarely made from just one material. Instead, they typically consist of a blend of nylon (for durability), spandex or elastane (for stretch), and cotton, polyester, or wool (for feel). Nylon-heavy tights will be thicker and sturdier, while spandex- or elastane-heavy tights will be more slender and stretchier. Cotton will add softness and breathability, polyester will trap intensity, and wool will add warmth and breathability.


Denier is a unit of measurement for the thickness of fabric — a higher denier demonstrates a thicker fabric. So while shopping for tights, you can expect low-denier options to be all the more sheer and lightweight, while high-denier tights will be warmer and more opaque.

Size Range

Tights aren’t sized the way pants and skirts are. Instead, they typically come in additional general sizes — like medium or medium/large. So prior to buying a pair, double-check the brand’s tights sizing guide to make sure you’re ordering the right size.

FAQs About the Best Warm Tights for Women

How do you stay warm when you’re wearing tights?

To stay warm while wearing tights, buy the warmest tights you can — and layer other warm clothing on top of them. While you can wear tights to keep your legs covered with dresses and skirts on cool days, López recommends sliding warm tights under pants, jeans, leggings, or maxi dresses to add an extra layer of warmth on very cold days.

What are the warmest materials for winter tights?

Wool and fleece-lined tights are among the warmest options. They provide excellent insulation and are ideal for extremely cold weather.

Are thermal tights a good choice for winter?

Yes, thermal tights are designed to keep you warm during winter. Look for ones with thermal properties or materials like merino wool.

What is the difference between opaque and sheer tights for winter?

Opaque tights are thicker and more densely woven, making them warmer than sheer tights. Sheer tights are better suited for milder temperatures.

Should I choose footed or footless tights for winter?

Footed tights provide more coverage and warmth for your entire leg. Footless tights are versatile but may leave your ankles exposed to the cold.

Can I wear control-top tights in winter?

Yes, you can wear control-top tights in winter if they are made from thicker, warmer materials. Look for ones specifically designed for colder weather.

What denier rating is best for winter tights?

Higher denier tights (typically 60 denier and above) are better for winter because they are thicker and offer more insulation.

Are there tights designed for extreme cold weather?

Yes, some brands offer specialized tights for extreme cold. Look for brands known for their winter collections and products designed for sub-zero temperatures.

How do I care for my winter tights to make them last longer?

To prolong the life of your winter tights, hand wash them in cold water or use a gentle cycle in a laundry bag. Avoid excessive stretching when putting them on or taking them off.

Can I layer tights for added warmth?

Yes, you can layer tights for extra warmth. Start with a pair of thinner, moisture-wicking tights as a base layer and add thicker tights on top.

What should I consider when choosing the right size for winter tights?

Ensure the tights fit comfortably and do not sag or bunch up. Check the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer and consider going up a size for a better fit in extremely cold conditions.

Are there specific brands known for their warm winter tights?

Some popular brands known for their warm winter tights include Falke, Smartwool, Uniqlo, and Heat Holders, among others. Read reviews and consider trying a few brands to find your favorite.

Do warm tights come in different colors and styles?

Yes, you can find warm tights in various colors, patterns, and styles to match your winter outfits while staying cozy.

Are tights machine-washable?

“Tights are extremely delicate,” López says. “So to help your tights last to the extent that this would be possible, hand-wash them at whatever point you can.” She recommends flipping your tights back to front, hand-washing them in your sink, rinsing them with cold water, and letting them air dry.

“On the off chance that hand-washing isn’t an option, you can machine-wash your tights on a delicate cycle,” López says. Make certain to put the tights in a lattice laundry bag prior to washing them. (This will safeguard them from getting damaged by your other clothing.) And once your tights are clean, López suggests letting them air dry on a hanger or a flat surface.

How would you prevent tights from ripping?

The key to keeping your tights from ripping? Buy tights made with sturdy materials, and make sure you’re buying the right size and length for your legs. Then, at that point, be gentle while wearing, cleaning, and storing your tights. “Avoid brutal pulling,” López says. “Wash [your tights] by themselves or in a cross-section laundry pocket, and store them with other tights.”

Assuming your tights do tear, utilize some clear nail polish to hold the tear back from getting more regrettable. “On the off chance that you see a small tear in the tight, you can seal the run with clear nail polish,” López says. “Just touch a little on each finish of the tear.”

Final Verdict – Best Warm Tights for women

Commando’s Eclipse Opaque Matte Tights are our best overall pick because they’re the most well-adjusted warm tights on our list. Made of plush microfiber, the 110-denier tights are thick, soft, and cozy.

For a more budget-friendly option, we recommend the G&Y Fleece-Lined Tights. Available in sets of two, these cozy tights are super opaque and have a polyester fleece lining for extra warmth.

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