Best Tights To Wear With Dresses Or Under Everything

Top 15 best tights to wear with dresses For USA (2024)

How to choose the best tights to wear with dresses or under everything? Tights are a staple for each fall and winter wardrobe, yet sometimes they can drive you insane. There’s nothing worse than noticing a run on a new pair of tights, fussing with a waistband that just won’t stay put, or pulling up sagging tights like clockwork. That is the reason it’s crucial to find a pair that is comfortable, gorgeous, and made to last. Yet, with so numerous options on the market, it can feel close to impossible to track down the right choice.

We also had consumer testers wear them, in actuality, to give feedback on solace, waistband-rolling, snagging, running, and stretching out and that’s just the beginning. The picks below are top performers from our test and newer styles with rave reviews with options for everyone. The best part: our tests proved that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get high-quality tights. As a matter of fact, some of the under-$10 tights outperformed ones that cost over $40!

Read on to learn more about tips and tricks to track down the best tights for you. In the market for a pair of dress shoes to pair with your tights for this fall? Look at our guides to the most comfortable dress shoes and best loafers.

Best Tights To Wear With Dresses Or Under Everything
Best Tights To Wear With Dresses Or Under Everything

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Top 15 Best Tights To Wear With Dresses in January 2024 Reviews for USA

1. BEST OVERALL TIGHTS – Super Opaque Control Top Tight

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  • Best Value
  • Recover shape after stretching
  • Don’t snag easily


  • May be too thick for some

This pair is a total steal: It was one of the least expensive in our tests and earned one of the highest overall scores. These best tights to wear with dresses, also our best value pick, outperformed every other style we tested, including a luxury brand with a hefty $50 sticker price. In addition, they aced our stretch and recovery tests — meaning the fabric won’t stretch out after numerous hours of wear — and held up well in both our snagging resistance and colorfastness tests. Plus, it more than impressed our consumer testers, who raved that the tights were comfortable as well as easy to get on with no signs of snagging, ripping, or sagging when they wore them. Just recall, as the name implies, this pair has super opaque, thick material and includes a control top.

2. BEST SLIMMING TIGHTS – Tight-End Tights

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  • Flattering appearance
  • High comfort rating


  • Pricier than others

At the point when you think of shapewear, chances are you picture Spanx — so it’s no surprise our panel loved the shaping capabilities of this style (without knowing what brand they were wearing!). “It held me in without being excessively constricting,” says one tester. “It also worked effectively lifting my rear end.” Others raved about how comfortable the tights felt and said the fit was spot-on. At the point when we tested the two styles in the Lab, they fared well in wash tests with minimal shrinkage and didn’t snag easily, so you can rest assured they’ll last beyond just a couple of wears. Plus, one of our editors has had a pair for over seven years! On the off chance that you favor more coverage, the brand offers these best tights to wear with dresses in a high-waisted version that ends just below the bra for extra shaping.

3. BEST SHEER TIGHTS – Classic Sheer Rip-Resist Tights

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  • Top scores in Lab evaluations
  • Favorite pick amongst testers
  • The brand offers tons of colors and patterns


  • Expensive

Love the vibe of sheer tights yet hate how your pairs never last past a couple of wears. Enter Sheertex. The brand uses ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), a fiber valued for its high tensile strength, extraordinary abrasion resistance, and overall durable nature, to create some of the strongest tights we’ve at any point tested. This pair received top scores for its comfortable yet durable feel. One GH analyst noted that while the waistband offers some compression, it doesn’t feel as constricting as other tights she’s tried. At the point when we evaluated the seams and fabric in the Lab with our bursting strength tester, they outscored each pair of the best tights to wear with dresses we’ve at any point tested, so you can rest assured that you won’t burst a hole in the toe while pulling them on. Nonetheless, despite the product’s “indestructible” claims and our consumer testers’ snag-free experiences, our analysts were still able to snag the tights in Lab tests, although there weren’t any runs in the fabric.

4. BEST NON-CONTROL TIGHTS – Ultimate Opaque Matte Tights

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  • Comfortable, non-restrictive waistband
  • Testers said there were no snags or tears
  • Smooth, luxurious feel


  • Hand wash only

On the off chance that you can’t stand the firm feel of control-top tights, Commando offers an interesting, non-binding, and seamless waistband that our testers said was super comfortable and didn’t squeeze or pinch the manner in which others do. One tester shared that the waistband didn’t dig into her stomach by any stretch of the imagination, even after she ate. Others also called the fabric “luxe” and “velvety” and raved about the flattering look of these best tights to wear with dresses with several commenting, “I like everything about these.” While they’re definitely on the expensive side, they held up well in our Lab tests, with better-than-expected scores in most categories from snagging to dimensional stability. The brand offers a similar style with a control top that our testers called “subtle yet flattering” and performed just as well in our tests, with a slightly higher waist.

5. BEST NUDE TIGHTS – Footed Opaque Tights

51lTVslbUbL. AC UX679 min 1


  • Non-compressive and comfortable
  • 13 different shades
  • Buttery soft feel


  • Not as durable in Lab tests

True nude tights are hard to obtain, yet this pair from Nude Barre comes in 13 different shades (including a standard black), so you can choose between multiple warm and cool tones to track down your best match. Testers gave this pair high scores overall, especially for solace, with one sharing, “I liked that they weren’t super compressive, which made them truly comfortable to wear. The thin waistband didn’t dig in and I failed to remember I was in any event, wearing them.” When our textile analysts evaluated these in the Lab, this pair ended up being the softest one we tested, with one analyst referring to it as “buttery soft.” Just note that these weren’t the most durable tights we tested, earning lower scores in bursting strength evaluations, so make a point to treat them with care. The brand also offers fishnet tights in the same nude and black colorways.

6. BEST SNAG-FREE TIGHTS – Opaque Coverage Control Top Tights

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  • Resisted snags in tests
  • Mid-weight isn’t too sheer or opaque
  • Retains shape after long-term use


  • A few said the waistband rolled

For those who have snagged their fair share of tights, shopping for a new pair can feel like a fruitless, never-ending endeavor, yet these best tights to wear with dresses stood out amongst over 30 pairs for being snag-resistant in both our Lab and consumer tests. They also earned high scores in our stretch and recovery tests, so you can trust that they’ll retain their shape after long periods of use. While a couple of testers let us know the waistband rolled during use, most found this pair to feel comfortable during day-long wear and liked that they still had a nice sheen, despite their opaque look. DKNY also offers more tights with varying opacity, including a super opaque version at 90 denier, which proved to be durable with strong seams in our tests, and all the more sheer options on the off chance that you need something a little more see-through.

7. BEST LUXURY TIGHTS – Velvet De Luxe 50 Tights

916X2tBUuL. AC UY741 min 1


  • Super soft fabric
  • Comfortable and non-constricting


  • Lower scores in Lab durability tests

While you don’t need to spend a great deal to get top-quality tights, Wolford’s expensive pair didn’t disappoint. As the name implies, the material is incredibly soft like velvet and testers thought they were comfortable, easy to slide on, and non-constricting, especially because it doesn’t have a control top. It was also one of the main pairs that fully recovered its shape after we stretched it out in the Lab. Just know that while these were a favorite among testers and had high marks in Lab performance tests, they didn’t excel in our durability testing, earning lower scores for bursting strength and snagging resistance.


min 1


  • Lightweight yet warm
  • High scores in Lab tests
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Limited sizing
  • Not ideal for all body shapes

In the event that you could do without the bulky look or feel of fleece tights yet need to wear tights in colder weather, this pair impressed experts and testers the same. It’s made using Uniqlo’s signature HEATTECH technology, which, according to the brand, “wicks the body’s moisture into fibers and converts the kinetic energy into heat.” Testers gave this pair high ratings for the flattering fit and ideal scores for how warm they felt in chilly fall weather. One tester raved, “they were so lightweight and warm” while another shared that “individuals continued to ask where I bought them since they looked so great.” Our analysts also appreciate that this pair fared well in Lab tests, with minimal snagging, and comes in multiple colors. Just note that some testers with small waists and larger hips found that this pair sagged more than other tights they’ve tried, so it’s best suited to those with less curvy body types.

9. MOST FLATTERING TIGHTS – Opaque Contour Tights

61oYBWBc2lL. AC UY679 min 1


  • High-waisted cut
  • Contoured control top
  • High scores for comfort and appearance


  • Waistband didn’t stay in place for some testers

With a high-waisted cut and contoured waistband, these tights received unanimous high praise from our testers for their flattering fit. One tester raved, “I like the high waist and the manner in which they smoothed things out yet didn’t feel crushing, similar to control tops usually do.” Other testers noted that these tights were truly opaque on their legs, with a comfortable mid-weight feel. In Lab tests this pair fared well, receiving a mix of normal or more normal scores across the board. The main con was that some testers found that while these tights were comfortable enough to wear the entire day, the waistband didn’t always stay in place, sometimes slipping while sitting down or bending over.

10. BEST LOW-RISE TIGHTS – Opaque Tights with Comfort Lace Top

51PUceZ1l0L. AC UY679 min 1


  • Relaxed fit around the waist
  • Lots of variations available
  • Comfortable, stay-in-place silicone waistband


  • One tester reported a tear during the first wear

Low-waisted skirts are back and as it gets colder, you’ll require a pair of tights to keep you warm without showing over the top of your skirt. While most tights sit high and have a firmer vibe around the waist, this style is looser and sits below the belly button for those who lean toward a more comfortable, relaxed fit. The lace waistband uses silicone strips on the inside to assist with keeping it in place. Testers raved about the solace of this pair, several commenting on the comfortable, stay-in-place waistband and soft feel. These tights also come in other variations, including a sheer nude version, however, know that this brand is on the pricier side and you’ll be extra cautious: One tester let us know it tore on the first wear.


81Ud5J3HS2L. AC SY606. SX. UX. SY. UY min 1


  • Fleece-lined for extra warmth
  • Overall comfortable feel
  • Minimal shrinkage after multiple washes


  • Snagged a bit in Lab tests
  • Bulkier than most tights due to fleece lining

These are the best tights to wear with dresses very closely resemble regular tights, yet they’re fleece-lined so they feel extra warm and cozy. They are thicker than most tights we’ve tested, with one tester referring to it as “thick yet fairly flattering,” yet at the same time fared well in our evaluations. They unanimously earned high marks for comfort from our testers, who all loved the warmth they offered on cold winter days. Plus, this pair barely shrank after multiple washes in our laundering tests. While the fabric snagged slightly easier than others in our Lab test, most of our testers never encountered any snags or tears when they wore these tights.

12. BEST TIGHT COLORS – Opaque Microfibre Tights

615FVrLY9hL. AC UY679 min 1


  • 29 color choices
  • 10,000+ reviews on Amazon


  • Somewhat sheer despite the opaque name

In the event that you’re burnt out on basic black tights or just searching for additional beautiful options, this style comes in 29 different colors with a selection of both strong, bright choices as well as impartial colorways that our analysts can hardly stand by to test. Besides the fact that these Amazon best are sellers with over 10,000 reviews, however, the brand even says it’ll give you a full discount in the event that you’re not content with your purchase. Just note this pair might be a little surprisingly sheer in product photos, as it has a low denier for an opaque choice.

13. BEST TIGHTS FOR BOOTS – Ankle Sock Core Tights

61PbxTSZNvL. AC UY679 min 1


  • Built-in sock means no need to layer
  • Washed well in Lab tests


  • Difficult to wear with heels or flats

The implicit sock on this control-top pair is ideally suited for anyone who wears tights with boots. Not in the least did the tights themselves perform well — they were durable and washed well in the Lab — yet testers also loved the concept. One tester said, “As someone who previously layered socks over tights, I think it is an incredible and creative component,” while another called out that the “socks kept my feet extra warm.”

14. BEST THICK TIGHTS – Super Opaque Tights with Control Top

51YozAeOH2L. AC SX522. SX. UX. SY. UY min


  • Thick and flattering fabric
  • Held up to laundering tests


  • Some testers said the waistband rolls

This pair is super thick and has a control top, yet testers unanimously said they were super easy to get on and take off. They also completely concurred that the tights looked perfect on and they didn’t snag, run or stretch out. On top of that, they washed well in our Lab tests, with little to no shrinkage or change in variety, so they’ll be easy to really focus on over the long haul. The main downside is a couple of whines about the waistband rolling, yet on the off chance that that is regularly an issue for you, consider sizing up for a more generous fit.


61lcyiif1jS. AC SX522. SX. UX. SY. UY min 1


  • Set of four with different patterns
  • Rave reviews on Amazon


  • Not as functional as opaque tights

Fishnet stockings don’t provide you with the coverage of regular opaque tights (and they will not always have a denier rating, either), yet they truly do give you fun patterns with lots of surfaces. This set comes with four different patterns with over 10 different multi-packs to choose from. On the off chance that you’re still not convinced, it has over 9,000 reviews and a normal of 4.6 stars from users on Amazon, including several who say they’re soft, comfortable, and really hold up to lots of wear.

Things to remember while Buying the Best Tights To Wear With Dresses

Best Tights To Wear With Dresses Or Under Everything.
Best Tights To Wear With Dresses Or Under Everything

Denier tells you the fabric weight and lets you know how thick the tights will be. By and large, the higher the denier, the more opaque the tights, they’re thicker and less sheer to mean. Any denier 40 and higher is considered opaque and not see-through, while anything less than 30 denier is all the more a transparent, sheer stocking. You can find 80 deniers (and even up to 100 deniers) tights that are super thick and opaque.

Control top tights are essentially tights that have implicit shapewear. They assist with smoothing out areas like the belly, hips, and thighs. It’s actually a matter of personal inclination; our testers were mixed between enjoying the sensation of being held in vs. it was excessively constricting to think it.

FAQs About Wearing Tights with Dresses

Can I wear tights with any type of dress?

Yes, you can wear tights with various dress styles, including mini dresses, maxi dresses, A-line dresses, and more. The key is to choose tights that complement the dress and the occasion.

What color tights should I wear with a black dress?

With a black dress, you have many options. You can go for classic black tights for a sleek look, or choose colored or patterned tights to add a pop of contrast or style.

Are sheer tights appropriate for formal events?

Sheer tights in nude or sheer black are often a suitable choice for formal occasions as they provide an elegant and polished appearance. Just ensure they match the formality of the event and the dress.

How do I choose the right denier for tights?

Denier refers to the thickness of tights. Lower denier (around 10-20) is sheer and more suitable for warmer weather, while higher denier (30 and above) offers greater opacity and warmth, ideal for colder seasons.

Can I wear patterned tights with patterned dresses?

It’s possible to wear patterned tights with patterned dresses, but it can be tricky. To avoid overwhelming your look, choose tights with a smaller, more subtle pattern and ensure the colors complement each other.

What shoes should I wear with tights and dresses?

The choice of shoes depends on the dress style and the occasion. For a classic look, opt for pumps or ankle boots. Ballet flats, Mary Janes, or heeled sandals can also work depending on the dress and tights.

How do I prevent tights from snagging or running?

To prevent tights from snagging, handle them with care, and avoid sharp objects. Be cautious when putting them on and removing them, and consider wearing gloves to minimize the risk of runs.

Can I wear fishnet tights to formal events?

Fishnet tights are generally considered more casual or edgy. They may not be the best choice for very formal events, but you can wear them to semi-formal occasions with the right dress and accessories.

Are control-top tights comfortable to wear?

Control-top tights provide shaping and support but may feel restrictive to some. It’s essential to choose the right size for a comfortable fit, and you can also opt for styles with a more comfortable waistband.

How should I store my tights to keep them in good condition?

Store your tights carefully by rolling them up, rather than folding, to prevent stretching or creasing. Avoid hanging them by the waistband, as it can lead to sagging.

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