10 Best Multivitamins for Women USA 2022

Top 10 Best Multivitamins for Women (USA 2024 Reviews)

How To Choose The Best Multivitamins For Women? It’s no secret that we need vitamins and minerals to function, but getting enough through our regular diets can be difficult at times. If you’ve been considering taking a multivitamin, you’re probably aware that there are a plethora of options available.

To make things a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of our favorite products, which include whole-food staples, tried-and-true brands, and a few unique newcomers who give excellent results in modern packaging.

This evaluation will look at popular brands and their products, but it’s up to you to evaluate your specific requirements and make an informed decision.

This review will provide you with some items to think about while looking for a multivitamin. We recommend keeping them in mind as you browse our list of the 10 Best Multivitamins for Women, as the products on this list are highly diverse and appeal to women with a variety of needs.

Top 10 Best Multivitamins for Women In 2024 USA Reviews

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10 Best Multivitamins for Women USA 2024

Now that you know what to look for, browse through this list of the Best Multivitamins for Women with care. You’ll discover ten of our favorites below, but keep in mind that they’re not all created equal.

We’ll start with a modern multivitamin brand, then go on to the natural, whole-food picks, and brands with a long, proven track record. Let’s get this party started!

1. Garden of Life

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Garden of Life – Best Multivitamins for Women


  • Raw, whole-food ingredients
  • Accessible at many stores and e-shops
  • Organic, non-GMO
  • Full spectrum of ingredients, including fruits and veggies for antioxidants
  • Contains probiotics for gut health
  • Vegetarian


  • Pricier than other brands
  • Daily dose of the multivitamin is four pills

Garden of Life prefers to keep things natural, as you can see by the name. Jordan Rubin, the company’s creator, founded it in 2000 with the goal of making all of the company’s vitamins and supplements from actual, nutrient-dense foods.

Its approximately 300 supplements, which range from B12 sprays with antioxidant blends to general wellness supplies, are supplied at cheap costs and are said to be one of the most effective supplements on the market.

Customers admire Garden of Life’s whole-foods, often raw, approach to wellness, which is based in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Vitamin Code Women, the brand’s multivitamin supplement, is designed exclusively for women in their reproductive years. It’s designed for active women who are still menstruating and require a larger dose of certain vitamins, such as iron.

Vitamin Code Women is NSF and gluten-free certified and manufactured with raw, non-GMO ingredients. It contains over 20 servings of vegetables and fruit and is dairy- and soy-free, boosting breast, heart, reproductive, and gastrointestinal health. A one-month supply is currently available for $37, down from $46.

The multivitamin has received a 4.8/5 rating from 48 customers and is reported to be very effective. It is available in vegetarian capsule form, although alternative multivitamins (not women-specific) are available in liquid or spray form.

2. One A Day

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One A Day – Best Multivitamins for Women


  • Good price
  • Available at pretty much every pharmacy
  • Offers other forms of vitamins for women in gummy form
  • The dose of the multivitamin is only one pill per day


  • It May is not as effective as others, newer vitamins
  • Tablets are large, may not be easy to swallow

One A Day, which was created in 1940 and is now owned by Bayer, was founded in 1940. Its “aim is to formulate every one of our multivitamins with nice stuff you want and keep them devoid of everything you don’t,” according to the company.

The brand is one of the most well-known multivitamin brands in the United States, and its supplements can be found on the shelves of any big or local drugstore, as well as several grocery stores.

One a Day, which used to only be available in tablet form, is now available in gummy and fruit bite variants for men, women, children, and pregnant women.

The organization, which is situated in Boca Raton, Florida, aims to support a healthy lifestyle while also improving nutritional health.

Customers may buy one bottle and keep supplied for three months before having to return to the store, which is popular for its low-cost supplements and huge bottles.

The One A Day Women multivitamin has a wide range of vitamins and minerals, but it boosts elements like vitamin A, C, and Zinc to help the immune system. A 90-day supply costs only $8 on Amazon.

According to The Multivitamin Guide, which examined 100 vitamin products and ranked them, this multivitamin for women gets a 4.5/10 effectiveness rating. One a Day is ranked #59 on that list, indicating that it is a middle-of-the-road product with average outcomes.

When determining the Best Multivitamin for Women, we must pay close attention to what users have to say. On Lady dote, this vitamin has a low rating of 2.9/5 stars. Having said that, several consumers think it’s a terrific, uncomplicated option that helps them maintain their daily energy.

3. Megafood

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Megafood – Best Multivitamins for Women


  • Affordable
  • Lots of options, gummy, chews, etc.
  • Includes whole food ingredients & herbs for added health
  • Tested for 125+ herbicides & pesticides
  • Dairy, soy, and gluten-free
  • A daily dose of the multivitamin is just one pill


  • May contain synthetic B Vitamins, according to some users
  • Tablet may be hard to swallow

Megafood is another whole foods supplement company that prides itself on its openness. Carl E. Jackson founded the company in 1973, and it gives linkages to the farmers who supply its ingredients so that buyers may learn where and why they’re used in its formulae.

Megafood is based in Manchester, New Hampshire, and its mission is to “feed a world in nutritional crisis.” They want to make sure that everyone is fed and cared for nutritionally, which is why their supplements are reasonably priced and available in a variety of formats for men, women, and children.

Vitamins, supplements, and probiotics are available in gummy, chewable, and tablet form, giving no one an excuse not to take care of their bodies.

Women’s One Daily is the product we’ve chosen for this Best Multivitamin for Women list, although the brand also provides versions for women 40+ and 55+, as well as gummies and soft chews.

This supplement contains a broad range of B vitamins for cell and brain health, as well as vitamin D for bones and a high dosage of iron to replace iron lost during menstruation. For added nutrition, nourishing food and herbal blend is added, which the Megafood guarantees have been tested for over 125 herbicides and pesticides.

These allergen-friendly tablets are praised for their nutrient-dense contents and low price—$22-$48 for a 30-90 day supply, according to 49 consumers on the brand’s website.

4. Ritual

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Ritual – Best Multivitamins for Women


  • Vegan formula
  • No artificial colors
  • Traceable ingredients
  • Transparent about ingredients and sources
  • Delivered to you monthly
  • Slow-release capsules digest in the intestine for better absorption
  • Roughly $1 per day


  • Only contain 9 ingredients

It’s all about the ingredients when it comes to rituals. Katerina Schneider founded the business in 2016, and it promotes openness and uses a lot of social media marketing to appeal to a younger audience. In fact, the vitamins themselves are transparent and have been dubbed “sexy.”

The customer-focused company, based in Los Angeles, sells multivitamins and protein supplements for men, women, and children, as well as a prenatal line.

The multivitamins from this brand have a futuristic aspect to them. The 9 traceable substances in the transparent capsule are customized to specific ages and even pregnancy. You may learn more about each one on the website, which includes pictures of the substances in their natural state.

You’ll also learn about the origins of each ingredient and why the firm chose that particular area. A mint tab has been added to each bottle to make your morning habit even more pleasant while also warding off the characteristic earthy fragrance and taste of multivitamins.

The brand has 13-17, 18+, 50+, prenatal, and postnatal options for women. A 30-day supply of these capsules costs $30-$35.

Ritual Women’s multivitamin has a 4.3/5 star rating because of its personality and honesty.

5. Care/of

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Care/of – Best Multivitamins for Women


  • Personalized, you can create your own pack
  • Contains probiotics
  • Shipped to your door
  • Pre-packaged in biodegradable packs


  • Only 3 elements are within the pack, but other options are available

Customized vitamins are a great idea because we’re all different. Care/of brings an edgy elegance to achieving your RDA by delivering a customized regimen of vitamins and supplements to your door, packed into daily pouches.

The New York City-based firm, which was founded in 2016 by Craig Elbert and Akash Shah, believes that “everyone has a different route to personal health,” and they’re “here to help you find yours.”

You can buy vitamins separately, but the brand encourages customers to take the questionnaire. It will learn about your lifestyle, diet, and stress levels, then compile a list of its services and give it to you through email.

The brand, which has an online pharmacy-like setup, sells a whole spectrum of vitamins and packs that are specifically chosen to address common health conditions such as sleep deprivation, immune function, and even anxiety.

Care/of has a 4.6/5 star rating on Trustpilot, with around 78 percent of customers giving the brand 5/5 ratings. People appreciate the service’s customization (your name appears on each daily package) and believe they are receiving a more effective treatment plan that may be changed at any time.

We’ll concentrate on the Women’s Care Pack because this list is about the Best Multivitamin for Women. A Calcium Plus tablet, a Probiotic Blend, and a Vitamin C tablet are all included in your daily pouch.

For $24, you may get a 30-day supply of the Women’s Care Pack. The care pack received an average of 4.3/5 ratings from 350 Target shoppers.

A Multivitamin + Iron tablet, as well as a Prenatal variant, are also available from the company.

6. New Chapter

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New Chapter – Best Multivitamins for Women


  • Easily absorbable, whole-food ingredients
  • Transparent & traceable
  • Fairly low cost
  • Ingredients for stress support
  • Ethically-sourced ingredients
  • Only one pill is needed per day


  • Needs to be taken on an empty stomach but may cause nausea
  • Capsules may be difficult to swallow for some

New Chapter appears to be exactly what you need to get back on track. Paul and Barbi Schulick created the company in 1982 and ran it until 2012 when they sold it to P&G.

The Vermont-based company has been on a goal to “revolutionize natural wellbeing” since its start, and it chose to ferment its components so that they could be better absorbed by the body.

New Chapter chose a non-GMO strategy, sourcing its components from regions with nutrient-rich soil and excellent growing circumstances for the plants, and meticulously testing its ingredients and products to guarantee they satisfy high standards.

Supplements for specific health concerns, such as Omega for Moms and sleep and pain relief, are available, as well as a wide range of vitamin selections for men and women.

Customers see the brand as clean and sustainable in general, and we heard terms and phrases like “trustworthy” and “simple to digest” a lot. It’s a well-known brand, but not as well-known as some of the other firms on my list of the Best Multivitamins for Women.

The Every Woman One Daily Multivitamin is the product we’ll be emphasizing because this list is all about the Best Multivitamin for Women, but keep in mind that the brand also has options for individuals over 40 and 55.

This tablet was created to increase attractiveness for things like your hair, skin, and nails, as well as support your immune system and manage stress and energy. It costs between $18 and $55 for 24-96 tablets (take one per day).

Only organic, fermented components, including whole foods and probiotics, are used in this mix, which has received 4.8/5 stars from 71 customers. They should be taken on an empty stomach, but some customers report that doing so makes them feel nauseated, despite the fact that they are supposed to be gentle.

7. SmartyPants

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SmartyPants – Best Multivitamins for Women


  • Includes Omega 3s from wild-caught fish
  • Full-spectrum of vitamins and minerals
  • Tastes good
  • Common allergen-free
  • Available in many health stores and pharmacies
  • Can be taken with or without food
  • 3rd party lab tested


  • Not vegetarian-friendly (contains gelatin)
  • A large daily dose of six gummies

Courtney and Gordon Gould, together with pals Breck Costin and Drew Francis, launched SmartyPants in 2009 as a husband-and-wife collaboration. Since then, the company has sold the brand to Unilever, which has expanded its distribution to include a large number of pharmacies across the United States.

SmartyPants, based in California, believes that “excellent health belongs in the real world,” and has made a one-for-one donation to Vitamin Angels. This organization gives nutritional supplements to those who cannot afford them.

SmartPants offers capsule and gummy solutions for adults, children, and pets that address concerns like sleep, immunity, and overall wellness. People rave about how many vitamins the brand has packed into its gummies, as well as how tasty and easy they are to swallow.

We chose the Women’s Formula for this Best Multivitamin for Women list because it is produced with “new, extra premium components” and comes in a pleasant, gummy shape. Beta carotene, vitamin B6, K2, and choline are among the ingredients, as are 13 other critical elements that women require on a daily basis, such as B12 and omega 3.

The Women’s Formula is quite popular, with over 18k reviews and a 4.6/5 star rating on Amazon. This option is available in bottles containing 30-180 days’ worth of tablets and costs $31-$149.

8. Nature Made

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Nature Made – Best Multivitamins for Women


  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Multiple formats, gummies, softgels, tablets
  • Large spectrum of products
  • Affordable
  • Known for quality
  • USP verified
  • Serving size is only one tablet per day


  • Tablets are large, the length of a penny
  • Ranked low for effectiveness

Prescription medications serve a function, but doctors frequently prescribe them when other options are available. Nature Made was started in 1971 by Barry Pressman and Henry Burdock, who sought to offer a different approach to health, one that avoided synthetic chemicals and instead relied on nature to address common wellness concerns and increase overall vitality.

Nature Made, based in California, is “supported by decades of scientific study and high-quality ingredients” that go into “thoughtfully developed solutions to match your lifestyle demands at every stage,” according to the company.

Vitamin and supplement complexes for diabetes, immunology, and cholesterol, as well as single-ingredient items like melatonin, collagen, and ashwagandha, are among the company’s offerings. So far in this Best Multivitamin for Women list, this brand comes out on top in terms of product variety.

Nature Made is well-known for its high-quality ingredients and innovative formulas, yet it still receives a poor rating from The Multivitamin Guide, which gave the brand a 4.3 out of 10 for effectiveness.

We chose the Nature Created Women’s Multi Tablets for our list because they are made with “carefully selected ingredients under controlled production processes,” according to the company. What’s inside this high-quality item? Folic acid, B vitamins, iron, and vitamin D are just a few of the 23 nutrients suited to a woman’s biology.

These pills are very large, however, the recipe is also available in gummies if you prefer a supplement that is simpler to swallow. A two-month supply is available for $11 on Amazon.

Over 1,500 Amazon users have given the popular vitamins a 4.8/5 star rating.

9. Olly

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Olly – Best Multivitamins for Women


  • Tasty
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Antioxidants
  • Certified B-Corp
  • NSF-certified
  • Accessible at a variety of locations
  • Only one pill is needed per day
  • Affordable


  • Contains gelatin, not vegan-friendly
  • Some think they are too sweet

Olly’s cheerful tiny square bottles may have been spotted on the shelves at your local drugstore. Despite the fact that the brand was launched in 2013, it has just recently gained traction.

Olly was founded by Eric Ryan with the goal of “making nutrition simple to comprehend so that you can pursue excellent health without compromise.” The brand makes taking your daily dosage of health a little more pleasurable than chomping down a big, chalky pill, with the goal of creating goods that not only help you feel good but also taste delicious.

Olly has a contemporary vibe about it, and its products reflect that. Probiotics, sleep, and children’s formulas, as well as men’s, women’s, and stress-related formulas, are all available.

The common consensus is that the brand’s formulae are tasty, effective, and contain high-quality components that offer a variety of health advantages.

Olly’s approach, taste, and formula earned it one of our top selections for the Best Multivitamin for Women. Women will get a blend of vitamins including A, C, E, D, the Bs, biotin, and folic acid, as well as an antioxidant blend, in a bursting berry flavor.

Despite their appealing appearance and sound, the Women’s Multi ranks lower than most of the vitamins on this Best Multivitamin for Women list, receiving only 4/5 stars from 192 customers. That said, that’s still a fantastic score; a few consumers thought they were a little too sweet.

The Woman’s Multi is priced at $13 for a 45-day supply at Walmart.

10. Centrum

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Centrum – Best Multivitamins for Women


  • Doctor & pharmacist-recommended
  • More affordable than other brands
  • Option to buy larger quantities per bottle
  • Daily dose is just one pill


  • May be less effective than other, newer brands
  • Tablets may be hard to swallow for some

Centrum, a multivitamin powerhouse, is a must-have for this Best Multivitamin for Women list. It was founded in 1978 by Wyeth, now known as Pfizer, and is the #1 vitamin brand recommended by doctors and pharmacists in the United States.

GlaxoSmithKline, based in the United Kingdom, now runs the company. The company believes that “excellent quality and safety begin in the research laboratory,” thus its vitamins are made with great care.

Only offering vitamins for adults and children, the company has recently expanded its product line to include gummies and chews.

Centrum is a well-known brand and a safe bet when it comes to vitamins, and it can be found at almost any grocery shop or drugstore in North America and Canada.

Centrum for Women is the product we picked to feature in this Best Multivitamin for Women list, as it is specifically developed for women’s bodies with a higher amount of calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium. This supplement, which comes in tablet form, promotes general health and includes certifications such as non-GMO and gluten-free.

Centrum for Women received 4.7/5 ratings from over 12k Amazon users, making it a budget-friendly option. It’ll set you back $10 for 120 days of tablets.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Multivitamins For Women In 2024

Best Multivitamins For Women...
Best Multivitamins For Women

The buyer’s guide is to help you know some points before you purchase any multivitamin. Doing so will keep you safe from fake and terrible products. So let us tell you some important things to help you purchase the best multivitamins.

Daily Value

Multivitamins display the Daily Value on the label. This display value is the level of nutrients and vitamins present in the product in relation to a diet of 2,000 calories. Therefore, always find one with a value as close to 100% of the DV for the listed vitamins before buying. This will help to meet the daily intake of nutrients women are missing from their diet.

Specific Needs

Many multivitamins are made for different needs, body types, and hormonal functions. For women, supplements generally include biotin, which helps skin, nails, hair, and calcium because women begin losing bone density after their twenties.

Age and life-stage

There are multivitamins that are made specifically for different age groups and to meet nutrient needs that change as we age. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should look for a product specifically formulated to meet their prenatal or postnatal needs.

Vitamin content

We purchase multivitamins to provide our body with every single required vitamin. So you must check that the multivitamin must contain no less than 10 most basic vitamins like A, C, D, B, and a few minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. These all are important for the body’s normal functioning and to get the energy to work.

Chemical and preservative content

Assuming you are going to take multivitamins daily, you must check that the composition does not contain more chemicals that can on daily consumption hamper health instead of keeping good health. The preservatives are added to increase the life of medicine, however, in the event that you have to take it daily, you must look for multivitamins with lesser chemical content.


Nowadays, there are multivitamins that could contain gluten, so be smart and check for signs like gluten, and on the off chance that you find something like this, look for a different brand with no gluten.

Plant extract content

On the off chance that you find a multivitamin with plant and botanical extract in its composition, then it is of good use. It will add to additional benefits like good skin and hair quality. The plant extract also stimulates growth and metabolic rates in the body. In any case, with plant extract, also check that the complete product is organic.

Why Is It Necessary to Take Vitamins?

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Best Multivitamins for Women

In an ideal world, we’d get all of the vitamins and minerals we need from our diets. However, it’s unsurprising that we consistently miss the mark. The RDA for fruits and vegetables is a total of 10 12 cup servings per day, but studies show that only one in ten adults consumes that amount.

Our cells starve if we don’t eat enough. We may be filling our stomachs with satiating fat, protein, or starch, but those three nutrients alone do not provide our bodies with the full spectrum of vitamins they require to thrive.

Low energy, a sluggish immune system, and poor digestion can all result from a lack of nutrition, which can eventually lead to more serious illnesses like heart disease or anemia.

Women are, of course, different from men in terms of their wants. Menstruating women lose iron, a mineral that is essential for overall health and energy. Without replacing that loss, dizziness, weariness, and even heart palpitations may occur over time.

Filling our bodies with the vitamins and minerals they require can help us feel better, have more energy, sleep better, and even lose weight.

Is It Necessary For Me To Take Multivitamins?

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Best Multivitamins for Women

It is fairly simple to obtain vitamins. Anyone can buy a bottle, but some of the ingredients within are not only useless but can also be harmful to people with specific health issues.

Before you buy, have a blood test done by your doctor to determine whether you are lacking in any areas. Dieticians can also assist you in this process by recommending multivitamins based on your current eating habits.

Keep your age in mind if you don’t want to talk to your doctor or a nutritionist. You may have noticed that some of the products on this Best Multivitamin for Women list have versions for women of all ages, from teenagers to those over 55.

Pregnant women require a unique blend of vitamins to ensure that they and their newborns are well-nourished. Prenatal and postnatal multivitamins are available from many, if not all, of the brands mentioned above, and taking one while pregnant may be advantageous.

A number of the companies on this list also provide questionnaires that will recommend vitamins depending on your lifestyle, food, age, and stress level.

There are a variety of reasons why you might find a multivitamin useful, but as you can see from this list of the Best Multivitamin for Women, the ingredients and standards vary widely. In most circumstances, taking a daily vitamin is safe, but if you have any negative side effects, stop taking it and seek medical advice.

FAQs – Best Multivitamins For Women

Do women’s multivitamins really work?

Multivitamins can help fill nutrient gapsTrusted Sources in otherwise healthy diets.

However, people should not use multivitamins as a substitute for a balanced diet. People should mean to meet their vitamin and mineral needs through diet where possible.

How to decide whether or not you need multivitamins?

To decide on the off chance that you need multivitamins or not, you need to have a good look at the nutritional value of your diet and assume that your diet is meeting the RDI requirements of your day.

What vitamins should women take daily?

Needs to shift for every person, and so do the vitamins’ requirements. It is very common for women to be low in iron, vitamin D, and vitamin B6.So best before taking any vitamin supplements, have your diet assessed by a nutrition professional to examine on the off chance that supplements are necessary or not.

Is it better to take individual vitamins or multivitamins?

Seriously, on the off chance that you don’t require any remaining vitamins because you consume a good diet containing a good amount of vitamins daily, then don’t buy multivitamins. Assuming you need to have individual vitamins that are not supplemented by food or naturally produced by your body, opt for individual vitamins. In the event that you require many more vitamins other than one, buying multivitamins is a must.

How do you know multivitamins are pharmaceutical grade?

The reality is none of the products is 100 percent pure, however, in pharmaceutical terms, the pharmaceutical grade must exceed almost 100% purity. They should not even contain any binders, dyes, fillers, or any other inactive ingredients. Less than 3% of supplements meet pharmaceutical-grade standards.

Can you take multivitamins for the long term?

The consumption of multivitamins is safe as long as they provide you with nutrient levels of vitamins that fall under DRI guidelines.

Which time of the day is best to take multivitamins?

Many nutritionists recommend taking multivitamins during the morning. They perform well when taken earlier during the day because, at that time, they stimulate metabolism and brain function.

Can you take 2 multivitamins during the day?

Basically, you must take just the recommended dose because taking more than the prescribed dose might cause an overdose, causing side effects. And also, avoid taking more than one multivitamin at the same time.

Conclusion: Best Multivitamins for Women

Taking a multivitamin can help your health in a variety of ways. The Best Multivitamins for Women selections contain all of the nutrients you may need, whether you’re trying to lose weight, supplement dietary deficits, or simply maintain your body’s internal functioning.

While getting critical nutrients from a healthy diet is more effective than taking a supplement, maintaining a perfectly balanced diet is not always possible. As a result, many women may find that taking a multivitamin is a good option.

To start treating your body better and supporting optimal physical functioning, try one of the daily multivitamins on our list now.

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