Best Jean Shorts For Thick Thighs

Top 10 best jean shorts for thick thighs you can buy in 2023

How to choose the best jean shorts for thick thighs? Unlike buying leggings or joggers — where you can ballpark your size and click “add to cart” pretty safely — shopping for jeans and shorts is fraught with unique considerations.

Take for example, when a pair fits at your waist, but, at that point feels tight in the hip — and what the hell would you say you are supposed to do assuming your shorts fit perfectly everywhere except cut into your thighs when you sit or ride up in the event that you move? The best jeans or denim shorts for big thighs can end the cycle with high-stretch denim and a little bit of tailoring magic. (No alterations required.)

One of the main things to consider is the inseam length. Plus-size style expert and influencer Nikky Frenny weighed in on the matter in an interview with Who What Wear, favoring mid-length shorts as a cut that works well on pretty much anyone yet particularly well on those with thick thighs. That said, you’re certainly not relegated to only one style of denim shorts.

In the event that you prefer shorter cuts or want a leg-hugging Bermuda fit, a bit of spandex ensures the shorts will fit better. Good, stretchy denim allows your shorts to move with your body, and the higher the percentage of spandex or elastane, the more give the material will have.

To reduce gapping at the waist, look for shorts with a high rise that, by design, taper in and bring your waistline up. Those with bigger thighs will likewise appreciate small tailoring details that make a big impact on the overall fit, like pleats and side slits: The accents naturally create extra room.

I scoped out the highest-rated pairs of denim shorts on Amazon that hit the criteria above, then checked out the reviews to make sure they were approved by shoppers with self-proclaimed thick thighs. From classic Levi’s to retro high-waisted pairs and, surprisingly, bike shorts, these summer-ready denim shorts are great picks in thigh-friendly styles.

Best Jean Shorts For Thick Thighs
Best Jean Shorts For Thick Thighs

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Top 10 best jean shorts for thick thighs Of USA 2023 Updated Reviews

1. Some On-Trend Bermuda Shorts With A Relaxed Fit – LEE Relaxed-Fit Bermuda Shorts

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Cut with room through the hip and thigh, LEE’s denim Bermuda shorts give this trending silhouette extra simplicity. Made with 98% cotton, with a hint of spandex for stretch, it’s nice, thick denim — even their white jean shorts are creamy and obscure. Their longer, 9.5-inch inseam hits simply over the knees. “Long enough to cover most of the thigh yet not frumpy looking. They are stretchy as well,” a reviewer reported, adding that, “they can be worn casually around the house or at the lake, or wear them with a cute top and Tory Burch sandals and they’re perfect for a summer party.”

2. best high-waisted jean shorts With A Retro Vibe – JASAMBAC High Waisted Denim Shorts

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These high-waisted shorts are a cute spin on a classic, with their notched button fly and tailored pleats (which create a little extra room in the seat and thighs). Their soft, elastic denim blend comes from 70% cotton with polyester and a smidge of spandex that promises to be light yet sturdy and wildly comfortable. Wear them to the pool or to a party; they’ll dress all over without any problem. “These shorts are so cute,” one shopper gushed. “They have barely enough stretch and barely enough room in the hips and thighs to be super comfy, not restricting like my standard denim shorts.” On the off chance that you’re looking for a little bit more of a “mom jean” vibe, try these baggy high-waisted denim shorts — they’re made from 100% cotton and have a sizeable following.

3. Classic Rolled Shorts From A Denim Icon – Signature By Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Mid-Rise Shorts

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You don’t have to stick with loose cuts assuming you have bigger thighs, and you can never turn out badly with Levi’s denim. These shorts have a 4.5-inch inseam and plenty of stretches, with a plain rolled hem and universal mid-rise. Their 80% cotton blend includes 2% spandex for a denim fabric that fans raved was soft, stretchy, and surprisingly impressive. “I have thick thighs so it’s sometimes hard finding shorts with a good fit, these fit really well and are the perfect length. The stretch helps them to fit around my waist however they’re not tight on my thighs,” a reviewer noted.

4. Plus-Size Jean Shorts With Rave Reviews – Allegrace Plus Size Denim Shorts

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Finally, cute, comfortable jean shorts cut with plus-size figures in mind — and with plenty of options to choose from. You can get the Allegrace denim shorts in a cropped 5-inch leg or a longer Bermuda style with options in light and dark indigo rinses, as well as black, so the entirety of your warm-weather moods are covered. Although a precise fabric blend isn’t noted, shoppers compared these comfy shorts to a jegging-like material. “I normally keep away from shorts since they never seem to fit right. When I get shorts big enough for my thighs and butt, then they’re approach too big for my waist. These really [hug] my curves perfectly, they don’t ride up, and the price is right!” one shopper raved.

5. Distressed Jean Shorts With Tiny Side Slits On The Side – luvamia Ripped Denim Shorts

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Dubbed “a miracle for thick-thighed girls” by one fan, these denim shorts have one of the highest concentrations of spandex on this list at 5%, making for an ultra-stretchy pair. Tiny notches on each thigh give you extra room to move, and the higher waist reduces the likelihood of gapping. “You all, I can’t find comfortable shorts to fit my large booty and thighs. These have stretch, a really cute design, and are completely and totally worth the price. Help yourself out — get them,” another shopper gushed. Assuming it’s true love, there are plenty of options within the listing worth stocking up on, including vintage button-fly shorts and bright white denim.

6. A Loose Drawstring Short For Living Your Comfiest Life – ONLYSHE Casual Drawstring Shorts

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With a looser leg paired with an elastic drawstring waist and abundant resources, these utility shorts were made for keeping it casual — and they come in multiple indigo rinses. They have the look of denim however feel considerably more lightweight in a cottony polyester-spandex blend, making a soft alternative on sweltering days and Netflix nights. “Great pair of comfy shorts and good for those with thick thighs. My one con: Hang to dry,” a fan prompted. Assuming it’s love right away fit, they come in plenty of other colors and prints, as well.

7. A Dressy Jean Short – Lee Regular Fit Chino Walkshort

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With trouser-style pockets and tailored seams, these denim shorts are nice to have for casual days that require a smidge of polish. They’re in the middle of between a Bermuda and a genuinely short pair with tapered 7-inch legs and a notched hem. In 98% cotton with 2% spandex, they’ll be thick yet comfy with plenty of stretches. “I hate shorts, however, I love these,” one shopper confessed. “These are cute, and they’re not dowdy long, however, they’re not short to the point that they ride up between my thighs. They’re super comfortable, and are literally the main shorts I will happily wear.” (The brand likewise makes an intrepid pair of denim shorts with stylized utility pockets in the event that you want a second pair.)

8. Black Jean Shorts Amazon Shoppers Are Obsessed With – Haola High Waisted Folded Hem Jean Shorts

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With more than 7,000 Amazon ratings, these jean shorts are something of a cult favorite. They’re offered in black denim (amongst other washes) with a classic fit that’s thick-thigh-friendly. They’re made from stretch cotton with a high waist and short inseam, plus a spacious cut through the leg on its rolled cuff hem. “The material is soft and the color is exactly as pictured,” a reviewer confirmed, adding, “I have bigger thighs and the cuffs are not tight around them at all making these the comfiest jean shorts I own! The top comes up to an inch over my belly button, so it’s perfect.”

9. Jean Bike Shorts For An Of-The-Moment Silhouette – OLRAIN Long Distressed Jean Shorts

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For a more assertive style statement, try these knee-length denim shorts that resemble the trendy athleisure bike shorts. This is another ultra-stretchy pair, with 5% spandex to the cotton denim weave that ensures a comfy bodycon fit from waist to knee-length hem. On the off chance that you want more distressing than a raw hem, they offer fairly very much distressed jean shorts too. Looking for fewer frayed edges? Check out their Moto shorts. “I have pretty thick thighs and a smaller waist. This fits nicely and doesn’t create that gap between the fabric and your waist at the top. Super cute and it holds up in the wash,” a shopper commended.

10. Cute Jean Short Overalls With Great Stretch – Vetinee Classic Cuffed Denim Short Bib Overalls

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Cutoff overalls are a utilitarian take on denim shorts with a definite vibe. Vetinees are made from high-stretch cotton with 5% elastane to create legging-like denim with a looser cut that doesn’t hug close to the legs. Assuming that you really want extra length, those straps are adjustable, and there are styles with notch hems for an even more thigh-friendly fit. All feature the classic five-pocket denim styling and bib pocket front. “By a long shot my favorite pair,” a fan gushed. “I’ve experienced numerous overalls and they were either excessively short or excessively tight. I have thick thighs and booty, these fit me amazingly! Not excessively short or tight.”

Buying Guide: Best Jean Shorts For Thick Thighs

Best Jean Shorts For Thick Thighs.
Best Jean Shorts For Thick Thighs


From booty to Bermuda, jean shorts come in an array of lengths — and unlike most clothing items, each iteration has timeless allure. For ultimate wearability, the classic mid-rise, mid-length (like our overall pick Levi’s Authorized Vintage 501 Shorts) is your best bet as the styling options are endless, and they suit all body shapes.

Plus-size model Kara Johnson prefers micro shorts, however, suggests going a size up for a more comfortable fit. “You’ll want some extra room in the leg,” she says. The Bermuda short is by a wide margin the trickiest length to master as the need might arise to hit simply over the knee, so petite and tall girls alike should opt for height-specific styles that’ll cater to their shape — ASOS and H&M are great places to shop since they offer petite and tall options.


Bleached and black washes are timeless, however, that’s not to say colorful renditions (like GANNI Mini Denim Shorts) should be disregarded — particularly when there are such countless fun options and mood-helping shades to investigate. As we’ve established, denim should be washed every 10 wears, and this is extra important in the event that you’ve opted for a lively style. That blurred worn-in look without a doubt loans denim a specific charm, yet color-saturated styles are best when the color is striking, so utilize a color-defensive cleanser when you really do wash them. Our experts concur that the classic light blue hue is a closet safeguard, yet honestly, you can’t turn out badly with any wash.


The silhouette is totally an individual preference — you should choose something that matches your style and you see yourself wearing long into the future. As Hughes noticed, a high-rise pair with a slightly erupted leg is persevering through style, and, what’s more, it suits all shapes. Each of our experts recommended Levi’s Authorized Vintage 501 Shorts, which is a testament to their universal allure and flexibility. In the event that you want a longer silhouette, like Bermuda, we recommend evaluating a bit in light of the fact that the style will in general be a bit constricting.

FAQ About The best high-waisted jean shorts

What are the best jean shorts for thick thighs?

The best jean shorts for thick thighs typically have a few key features, including stretchy denim, a higher rise, and a relaxed fit in the thigh area. Brands like Levi’s, American Eagle, and Old Navy often offer options that cater to this body type.

What is the ideal rise for jean shorts for thick thighs?

A mid to high-rise jean short is generally recommended for those with thick thighs. This style sits higher on the waist, which can help prevent the shorts from digging into your thighs and create a more flattering silhouette.

Are there specific cuts or styles that work best for thick thighs?

Straight leg or slightly wider leg openings can be more comfortable and flattering for those with thick thighs. Avoid super tight or skinny styles, as they may feel uncomfortable or create a “sausage” effect.

What is the best denim material for jean shorts for thick thighs?

Look for denim shorts with a bit of stretch (usually containing spandex or elastane) in the fabric composition. This stretch allows for more comfort and mobility, especially in the thigh area.

Should I size up for jean shorts if I have thick thighs?

Sizing can vary between brands and styles, so it’s a good idea to try different sizes and see what works best for you. Sometimes, sizing up may provide a more comfortable fit in the thigh area without making the waist too loose.

How can I prevent chafing when wearing jean shorts for thick thighs?

To prevent chafing, you can apply anti-chafing products or wear seamless, moisture-wicking shorts underneath your jean shorts. Additionally, choosing shorts with a longer inseam can help reduce friction between your thighs.

Are there any brands known for catering to those with thick thighs?

Some popular brands known for offering a variety of jean shorts options for different body types include Levi’s, American Eagle, ASOS, and Torrid. These brands often have styles that are more accommodating for those with thicker thighs.

What are some styling tips for wearing jean shorts with thick thighs?

Pair your jean shorts with tops that balance your silhouette, like flowy blouses or loose-fitting t-shirts. You can also add a belt to define your waist and create a more proportionate look.

How do I care for and maintain my jean shorts for thick thighs?

Follow the care instructions on the garment’s label. Generally, washing your shorts inside out in cold water and avoiding high-heat drying can help maintain the shape and color of your denim shorts.

Can I alter my jean shorts to better fit my thick thighs?

Yes, you can have your jean shorts altered by a tailor to achieve a better fit. They can take in or let out the thighs as needed to suit your body shape.

What does inseam mean on shorts?

The inseam is the all-out length of the seam whenever measured from the crotch region to the furthest limit of the hem on the internal side of your legs.

What goes well with jean shorts?

Loosely-fitted tops look great with the best jean shorts for women! Tight-fitted pullovers including the ones with ‘sweetheart neck’ designs likewise function admirably with jorts. You can pair your mom’s jean shorts with casual checkered shirts too.

How can I know if a pair of jean shorts will be comfortable?

Cute jean shorts for women that offer some breathing space to your legs are the most comfortable. Regardless of the fit, the jean shorts that you purchase should not come with choking-out leg holes. Moreover, it is constantly recommended to size up while purchasing jean shorts in the event that comfort is your main concern.

How would you wash jean shorts?

You can wash your denim jean shorts for women by setting your washing machine to a sensitive cycle. You should likewise utilize cold water to wash your jorts to fend off the color from washing off. You can likewise put your jean shorts inside a wash pack to safeguard them from unwanted wear and tear.

Are denim shorts in style for women?

Indeed, denim shorts are definitely in style for women! Truth be told, denim shorts have been the fury since the mid-1970s. These shorts are soft and breathable and help women remain sans sweat on bright or spring days and continue with their chores.

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